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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Hurricane Candles

It has been a very busy month this month. The most popular candles that I have been asked for have been my personalised hurricane candles. Really what hurricane candles are is a wax shell with a tealight popped into the bottom of the shell. This means that the actual hurricane never burns but is lit up with a lovely glow from the inside.

These candles are personalised with any image wanted. The picutre is actually set within the wax shell itself (not just stuck onto the front) and are excellent keepsakes.

The hurricane above was made for one of the lady's on the forum to give to both grans and I think the photo I was given is absolutely gorgeous.

1 comment:

incywincy said...

Glad your busy :)

And thanks for showing my beautiful candles - Both grans love them. Something to keep forever and they look fantastic.