The Daily (sort of) thoughts of a Candle Maker and a mum of two.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Back to work

Well back at work again after being spoiled having Friday and Monday off. Didn't get much time off with making candles and doing a craft fair at Finlaystone Country Park on Sunday. The weather was terrible but the place is lovely, tons to do for the kids with walled gardens, country walks, play parks, old laundry rooms, tea room, shops and of course the crafters in the old stables.

Well worth a visit I really liked it.

Well the next craft fair I will be at is the Campsie Show on Saturday 2 June 2007. Can you believe we are nearly at the end of May and the weather is terrible. Surely it must get better soon.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Forever Candle

Hi All,

A few days since I last posted. I have been really busy with craft fairs. My nephew has asked me to make candles for his wedding so been trying to arrange centre pieces and favours. When I have pictures of these I will post them. I have finally got round to posting one of my latest range of candles.

This is a forever candle - what that means is that the body of the candle never burns, I have inset a tea light holder within the wax of the candle. You light the tea light and replace it when it is done. The candle never burns - forever candle! Hope you like it any comments welcome please.

I will be at Finlayston Country Estate with Hilda Morrison, glass painter this friday 27th May 2007. Look forward to meeting you then.

Monday, 14 May 2007

Another day another fair

Well the weather was pretty terrible for my 2 day craft fair in Port of Monteith.

It was so cold on the Saturday I had to go to one of the stalls selling thermal socks and buy 2 pairs (and they say this is summer!!!) Needless to say I had the trusty boots and thermal socks on for Sunday and they certainly kept my feet tosty warm.

Thanks to all who turned up and popped in to say hello.

Off to Stonehouse for an Agricultural show next week. I will also be selling my candles at Bearsden Primary both fairs on Saturday 19th May. My friend will be selling the candles for me on Saturday (thanks for the help Lorraine - what would I do without you!!)

Have a good week.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Another Date

I am really excited, I have a new venue added to my events calender. I will be at Finlaystone Country Estate in Langbank on Sunday 27th May 2007. It is an absolutely gorgeous big estate and I will be with a good friend of mine who makes beautiful hand painted glassware (I can't believe how she can do it all freehand). Really excited about it as it will only be the two of us but the estate is lovely.

Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Hi All,

I'd like to welcome my newest edition to the candle family!

This is a lovely little wedding cake candle standing at 2 1/4 inches tall it is beautiful for giving as wedding favours. I think I might try some of the Wedding Cake shops and see if they are interested in them.

They are dinky but absolutely gorgeous. As you can see the detail on them is amazing.

I am currently making a range of rustic effect candles so watch this space for updates.