The Daily (sort of) thoughts of a Candle Maker and a mum of two.

Monday, 31 March 2008

Forever Candles Family

I have added another selection to the popular Forever Candles range. I have made three forever candles in small, medium and large and used a candle plate with some lovely pebbles to set it all off. This set looks fantastic and will last forever (as the name suggests). Just pop a tea light into the handy dandy tea light holders in the top of the candle and change these whenever they are finished. You get three scented tea lights with every set in colours to match your candle to start you off.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

New Range of Scents

I have added yet more new scents to my range. I continually buy new scents so keep checking the website for the new scents and their descriptions.

The most recent to my collection are:

Pink Sugar - and this is devine!!
Be Delicious DKNY "Type" - very similar very gorgeous
Honeysuckle - a delicious fresh Honeysuckle smell
Orange Dreamsicle - this is good enough to eat orange with a note of lovely vanilla.
Caribbean Coconut - ow take me to Barbados!!!!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Easter Egg Candles

I have had this little mould for absolutely ages and I have made and sold quite a few but this is the first time I have put them onto my web pages. They are really cute, slightly bigger than a hens eggs but would still sit snuggley into an egg cup.
They are made from Paraffin Wax and can be scented with any scent from my range. I currently have a few chocolate ones - the good old favourite chocholate chip cookie, chocolate orange and after dinner mint - good enough to eat.