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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Getting Into the Festive Spirit

Well it most certainly feels like summer is over - I had to scrape the car this morning and think it is about time to put on the thermals and quilted coat again - having said that did we have a summer at all this year?
Got lots of festive scented candle goodies in the seasonal page and "yes" the picture above is a 100% paraffin wax candle and "no" you cannot eat it unless you fancy a pretty big dental bill!!!
We have got a huge range of scents including a fairly hefty Christmas Scent selection - Christmas Pudding Scent and Mince Pie Scent are just two of the new range of scents we have received in this month and they are mouthwateringly good.

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Craft Sensations said...

Ooo they sound great! Will have to look at the Mince pie ones for my OH - he is OBSESSED with mince pies!