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Sunday, 1 April 2007

And another week Begins!!

Well here we are back to Monday again!!

Pretty hectic weekend trying to get candles ready for my craft fair on Sunday.

When we arrived a Mugdock Country Park the room we were in was so dark myself and the other crafters that were in there felt like hobbits in middle earth!! We eventually worked out the lighting system (which needed a NASA scientist for that). Then we astonishingly figured out how to open up the roof blinds so we had light!

Unfortunately it was so quiet it was like the Marie Celest! So we decided to purloin the lecture theatres sound system and there was light and there was sound.

The event was jam packed and we all had a very enjoyable day so to all that turned up hope you enjoyed it!

The only down side was that the local press didn't take the photographs that they were supposed to so will keep you posted on what happens!!

Anyway have an enjoyable Easter week!!!

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